Drupalcon Denver 2012

At last, Drupalcon Denver and it was awesome! The sessions were amazing, the Symfony plus Drupal 8 announcement was breathtaking and the beer consumption was over the top. It was exciting to see everyone in my hometown and I really enjoyed showing off the area to some of the out of town Drupal folks.

How to setup and configure Memcache on MAMP Version 2 for OSX Lion

Over the years I have become a fan of Memcache/Memcached environments for both production and development. This caching mechanism is super stable, reliable and greatly helps reduce the expense of the PHP/MySQL driven applications that I work on daily. In production it greatly reduces server load and in a development environment, it certainly increases performance.

Colorado Library Birds of a Feather Gathering in Denver on February 15th, 2011

The Colorado Library Birds of a Feather Gathering was a great success. About 28 people attended and mostly everyone presented about their past and future projects. I am pleased to see that so many libraries are embracing Drupal with great success. Drupal continues to be a perfect match for many library needs by providing strong content management system capabilities and acting as a rapid development platform for more in-dept projects.

Drupal Camp Colorado 2011

Drupal Camp Colorado 2011 was extremely successful. I was very honored to fulfill the role of venue coordinator for the second year running. I extend a special thank you to the Auraria Campus and King Center venue managers and the local Drupal Camp Colorado volunteers who made our camp extra special. Our camp was one hundred percent organized and run by volunteers. Financially, the camp was supported by many great sponsors for whom we are eternally grateful.

Drupalcon Copenhagen, Denmark 2010

Traveling to Denmark was a great experience and attending Drupalcon made it all that much more enjoyable. I really valued experiencing Copenhagen with my friends in Drupal community. Kudos to everyone for being so friendly, adventurous and generous. The social gatherings, conference sessions and overall planning were excellent. The Drupalcon Copenhagen team really did an outstanding job of organizing this event.

Drupal Camp Colorado 2010

Drupal Camp Colorado 2010 was huge. More than 340 people attended and the sessions were outstanding. This year I stepped up my involvement by helping to arrange the venue. I worked with the Information Systems and Management school at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, the local AITP chapter student group and the Auraria campus to hold the camp in the North Classroom Building.


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