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Simple Weather Drupal Module

There are several other "weather widget" type modules available as projects. I tried most of them before coming to the conclusion that I needed to create my own. I found that most of the other weather widget projects did not work without significant errors, considerable performance expense and were quite complicated to install and configure.

Drupal Camp Colorado 2014

Drupal Camp Colorado 2014 is scheduled for August 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the King Center building on the Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver Colorado. We are excited to have a great schedule this year and the dedicated event web site is set to be released in March 2014.

Drupal Camp Colorado 2013

Drupal Camp Colorado 2013 was held in beautiful Boulder Colorado and was quite successful. The attendance was significantly lower than the 2011 and 2010 camps but we still had lots of fun. Lunch was not catered this year but it kept the price super low. It seemed like everyone enjoyed crossing Broadway to find some food at the Whole Foods Market and nearby restaurants. However, I did miss the social interaction that serving lunch to the attendees provides.

Drupalcon Denver 2012

At last, Drupalcon Denver and it was awesome! The sessions were amazing, the Symfony plus Drupal 8 announcement was breathtaking and the beer consumption was over the top. It was exciting to see everyone in my hometown and I really enjoyed showing off the area to some of the out of town Drupal folks.

How to setup and configure Memcache on MAMP Version 2 for OSX Lion

Over the years I have become a fan of Memcache/Memcached environments for both production and development. This caching mechanism is super stable, reliable and greatly helps reduce the expense of the PHP/MySQL driven applications that I work on daily. In production it greatly reduces server load and in a development environment, it certainly increases performance.

Colorado Library Birds of a Feather Gathering in Denver on February 15th, 2011

The Colorado Library Birds of a Feather Gathering was a great success. About 28 people attended and mostly everyone presented about their past and future projects. I am pleased to see that so many libraries are embracing Drupal with great success. Drupal continues to be a perfect match for many library needs by providing strong content management system capabilities and acting as a rapid development platform for more in-dept projects.


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