Drupal Camp Colorado 2015

Drupal Camp Colorado 2015 is scheduled for June 19th, 20th and 21st in the King Center on the Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver Colorado. We are excited to have a great schedule this year. Check out the fancy new site at 2015.drupalcampcolorado.org to register for the camp, submit session proposals and register for training.

The camp features full day training sessions on Friday June 19th that are offered at a variety of skill and experience levels.

For Saturday and Sunday the camp will host keynotes, sessions, bird of a feather groups (BOFs), the coder lounge, continental breakfast in the morning with lots of coffee and interesting sponsor tables staffed by local, national and international Drupal oriented businesses and organizations.

Look for the party announcements that are sure to follow the camps.

It is an honor and privilege to volunteer for the camp this year. I have been taking up the role of venue coordinator and helping out in other areas. I really enjoy working on the our local Drupal Camp and hope to see a great turnout this years.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who are working long hours to make Drupal Camp Colorado 2015 the most awesome yet.

Drupal Camp 2015 Wrap Up

Drupal Camp Colorado 2015 was really a fun experience this year. Overall the feedback has been very positive. The volunteer team pulled together at the event and we had a significant attendance increase from last year.

Checkout the super cool video that was created using an areal drone vehicle instead of taking the traditional group photograph.

The sessions this year were a big hit and generated positive feedback from folks with a variety of interests in Drupal. My favorite session that I attended was the the Advanced Drupal Security for Developers by Greg Knaddison AKA greggles. I learned a couple easy techniques to use when checking for cross site scripting, Cross Site Request Forgeries, SQL Injection and Access Bypass vulnerabilities that could have be introduced into Drupal projects during development. The importance of testing for security was emphasized both during and after development.

Our sponsors were really supportive. Without them, the camp would not be free and held at such a great venue. Thank you so much sponsors.

This year it felt like we had many new attendees that were coming to Drupal Camp Colorado for the first time. Which I find motivating and adds pressure to provide a great experience. Of course, if was awesome to visit with our regular attendees.

We ended up with four training sessions on Friday. There were some tired faces afterwards, which meant that there was some intense learning happening throughout the day.

A shout out to the generous donations this year. We raised nearly $4000 from attendees that will be donated to the Drupal 8 Accelerate Fund and the National Center of Women & Information Technology.

I worked as a volunteer in the following roles:

  • Venue Coordinator
  • Training Organizer
  • Sponsorship Co-Organizer
  • Web Team and Hosting
  • Registration Desk
  • Coffee Organizer

If you have any feedback about the camp or would like advice for a Drupal Camp your may be organizing, please contact me.

The King Center on the Auraria campus was a perfect venue and I am looking forward to Drupal Camp Colorado 2016 at the same location.

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