Drupalcon Denver 2012

At last, Drupalcon Denver and it was awesome! The sessions were amazing, the Symfony plus Drupal 8 announcement was breathtaking and the beer consumption was over the top. It was exciting to see everyone in my hometown and I really enjoyed showing off the area to some of the out of town Drupal folks.

I was honored to participate as a Drupalcon Denver volunteer. Stuffing the the swag bags with the crew was a giggle and helping to coordinate the Drupalgangers activities was awesome. I am so glad they had a great time and visited some fun Denver areas.

The session: Drush 5: Mile High Productivity was really memorable. Drush is so awesome, I don't know where to begin. It is a tool that we can't live without and has really become the center for site building, development, scripting and more. I am so pleased that support for Drush is ever growing and the project is continuing in a great direction.

During the SASS birds of a feature session, I really became convinced that I should adopt SASS and Compass as a priority. Just being able to nest selectors makes it all worth it. The FireCompass Firefox plugin for Firebug makes the workflow happen. It solves the disconnect between the presented CSS and the SASS file location of the code. To me, a tool like this was critical for promoting adoption.

A special thanks to all the volunteers for working so hard to make this Drupalcon a memorial event and to the sponsors for their generous support. This is truly an example of what makes the Drupal community so special. I hope everyone had a great time.