Redis Info Module for Drupal

Created the Redis Info module for Drupal that generates a report containing, usage, performance, and other statistics for Redis server. This module is a good companion to the Redis module and provides a convenient way to check on the status and performance of a Redis cache implementation.

The reports contains useful information such as memory usage, CPU load, up-time, connected clients, and much more. The report delivers updated data each time the report page is refreshed.

Potentially this module could be bundled with the Redis module project. In the very near future it will also support the Cache Backport module implementation of Redis for Drupal 6x.

The module is currently in production ready condition. Please file an issue if you find or experience a bug.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install as you would any Drupal module. Download and enable etc...
  2. After enabling the module a Redis Info link is created under the Reports Menu tree. Or find it by going to: /admin/reports/redis-info.
  3. Make sure your user role has the "View site reports" permission. Of course user/1 will bypass the permission.


  1. Check to make sure redis-server is up and running. The command: redis-cli ping, should return "PONG" in the terminal.
  2. Check to make sure the Redis module is configured properly.

Technical Features

The module supports both the Predis and PhpRedis which surprisingly return the same information but in a different array structure and use different API calls. The module code formats the data and displays it within a page and generates a link under Reports in the Drupal core provided navigation menu.

Download it here, give it a try, and file an issue in the issue queue if you experience any bugs.

Screenshot - Redis Info for Drupal