Rally Software Development Corp.

Rally Software is a leader in Agile Project management training with their Agile University, corporate training and certification programs. Rally also leads the industry with online project management tools available as software as a service (SAAS). The project management system known simply as Rally and Agile Zen are two of my favorites.

Their flagship corporate site www.rallydev.com was created using Drupal 7 and has clearly set a standard for their industry. We enjoyed working on many of the site sections on this enterprise level project. We also contributed to sections of the Rally Help site.

Drupal Development

Site Sections:

  • Agile Toolkits: Created the Agile Toolkits content management section.
  • Rally By the Numbers: Created the Rally by the Numbers site section.
  • Rally Social: Is a collection of Social Media Resources authored by Rally. The aggregation of social content updates automatically on a schedule and the content is indexed for search.
  • Resource Center: An in-depth search page that provides faceted search results that uses Apache Solr as an index, customized search results using content types and tags, and browsing by topic.
  • Rally Blogs: A collection of Rally Blogs that are fully maintained and managed by Rally Software staff. It features it's own search index, user comments and a Likes rating system. Visitors can also subscribe to the Rally Blogs by just providing an e-mail address in the subscribe form. The blog author profile pages features a list of content contributed by that author.
  • Supported Integrations for RallyDev.com: A list of product integrations and supported application programming interfaces. The content is automatically updated from the Rally Help site using an XML data feed.
  • Rally Connectors: A list of product integrations and supported application programming interfaces. This list of icons is generated using the Supported Integrations page data and the icons are automatically sized, formatted with a colored border and placed in the table using tags and taxonomy term classification. Super awesome.
  • Management Team and Board of Directors: Lists that contain teasers of the Management Team and Board of Director content pages. This section like the rest of the site was created to be maintained without requiring any HTML or other code skills.

Working with the Rally Software web team on these projects was truly enjoyable. They maintain a super awesome extremely productive work environment and I can fully understand why they are considered by many to be one of the best companies to work for in Colorado. I enjoyed these projects and look forward to many more.

Note: All representations of software, the actual software, logos and other information relating to Rally Software as depicted is property of Rally Software Development Corp. and is displayed here with permission.

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