Denver Theatre District

The Denver Theatre District site was created to assist in establishing the brand, promote events, and advertise Denver Theatre District member businesses.

A base theme was selected to speed up development time. The graphic design and brand development was provided by Patrick Woods at Pique Exposure LLC. Content management, Search Engine Optimization and client training was also provided by Patrick.


The following features were created for project:

  1. Created custom icons that are associated with events when an event type is selected for an event.
  2. Create a highly customized event calendar that features week and month page views. A pop-up containing an event teaser is activated when the event icon is hovered over by the mouse cursor. For mobile touch screen users who do not have a mouse cursor, the user is sent to the full event description page when pressing on the custom event icon in the calendar.
  3. Created the upcoming events page that displays teaser information for each upcoming event along with the custom icon representing the type of event.
  4. Created an upcoming events list block that is displayed on multiple pages.
  5. Further developed the theme and fixed multiple bugs.
  6. Created photograph galleries with custom image sizes and implemented the Colorbox jQuery plugin that creates a slideshow within a pop-up to view larger images.
  7. Created site sections for event venues and events. The user can browse events by venue or visit the venue associated with an event page.
  8. The internal search results have been customized to display event type icons, teaser text, and date information for the events.


To achieve enterprise level performance, Memcache and APC were implemented on a Virtual Private Server running Linux, MySQL, PHP and Apache. Most page loads have been optimized to load under half a second. Because of careful engineering we were able to achieve this level of performance on a modest budget.

Images and files that are uploaded and displayed in the content using fields are automatically moved to a content delivery network (CDN) for storage and serving. This technique takes pressure off of the server and provides "unlimited" cost effective storage and bandwidth.

Drupal core and contributed modules updates are being provided by LarsDesigns along with operating system security updates. Automated server and Drupal monitoring is provided to catch problems. Automated off-site backups are performed nightly.

Development Period: