Middle Wheel Books

LarDesigns created MiddleWheelBooks.com using the newly released Drupal 7. The site features an integrated Amazon Book Store, shopping cart and checkout while browsing and searching Middle Wheel Books inventory and others.

A percentage of the sales are donated to the Drupal Association. It is optional to collect a percentage of the sales using an Amazon Associate account

The custom theme was created using Open Source images and the Zen theme engine for Drupal 7

Drupal 7's new features and newly added modules to core has provided smooth administration, rapid development and is a great performer.

The new jQuery ColorBox library is used for the book image pop-ups and gallery. It runs lighter and faster than jQuery Lightbox and has many more out of the box customization options and control over the theme.

Features Include:
  • Custom Contact Us form
  • Amazon Store front and Checkout
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom Zen Sub-theme and graphic design
  • jQuery ColorBox Plugin
  • Linux hosting
Development Period: