Drupal Camp Colorado 2009

This was my first Drupal Camp and at the time it was the third Drupal event I had attended. By that time I had been developing sites using Drupal as a full time occupation for about a year and I wanted to give back to the community. This is where I discovered how large and awesome the Colorado Drupal community is in Colorado. Around 230 people attended not just from Colorado but from around the county. It was really more like a convention than a traditional camp. Local vendors supported the event, which unlike many other camps had a well organized, dedicated web site and planned structured sessions.

Drupalcon DC 2009

Drupalcon in Washington DC was my second Drupalcon experience and first North American Drupalcon. It was about three times larger than the Drupalcon Szeged Hungary that I attended in the summer of 2008. It was awesome to meet the people who I look up to so much and who I have been working remotely with for so many hours and months.

Drupalcon Szeged, Hungary 2008

Drupalcon Szeged was my first Drupal convention and community experience. I really enjoyed meeting and experiencing the community. This is where I fell in love with everything Drupal. I really felt accepted by the community and after having created a few Drupal sites that year, I was ready for some serious learning. Like a sponge I not only soaked up what I did not know but I learned where to get the information and the support I would need begin my path to becoming a Drupal ninja. I learned which books to purchase, which theme frameworks to learn, the cool APIs to study and I got a feel for the direction that Drupal was heading and how to utilize the CMS framework for what I do best, build web sites.

San Antonio Texas 2009

For the 2008-2009 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio Texas, I was fortunate to be hired on to support the SportsHD and Tricaster video crews and build a Video Digital Asset Management System using Drupal naturally. Helping the video crews was a very enjoyable experience. I helped setup gear and upload video to the web site. I really enjoyed my stay in San Antonio and hope to return for many more working adventures.

World University Games - Belgrade Serbia 2009

In July 2009, I traveled to Belgrade Serbia where I was assigned to support a Fox College Sports video team as they captured footage for a documentary that would run on the Fox Sports Network as well as the Fox College Sports cable channel. The show was to report on the World University Games Held in Belgrade Serbia and showcase the U.S. basketball teams during the games.


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